Santa Rosa Cycling Club

 Thanks for signing up with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club. We think that Sonoma County is just about the best place in the world to ride a bike and we look forward to you joining us.

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Membership Signup The Club is affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists which provides our insurance. One of the conditions of that insurance is that all members agree that they have read, understand and agree to a Waiver of Liability. You must also agree to the web site's Terms of Use.

Types of Membership:

    Individual Membership:  This is single membership for one person for 1, 2 or 3 years.  The cost is $20 per year.

    Family Membership:  The person registering can name up to five family members for 1, 2 or 3 years.  The cost is $30 per year.

Membership Cards:  Membership cards are provided to each member and family member and are mailed on the 1st and 16 of each month.  Membership cards are honored for a discount at several area bike stores.  

Definition of a club member:  All SRCC members are registered in the club's automated membership system and identified by their email address.  Also, a membership must be flagged as "Active".  This includes :

  • All individual members. An individual membership accepts only one person per membership.
  • A family membership.  This  consists of the administrator of a family group and up to five additional members as designated by the administrator.  In system parlance this family group is known as a "bundle" and is managed by the bundle administrator.  The bundle administrator is responsible for managing the membership of his or her bundle and is responsible for renewing the the bundle membership  Bundle members can only have their membership renewed by having their bundle renewed.
No email address??  All club members (that is: individual members, family administrators and family members) are identified to the membership system through their email address.  Normally there is someone in a family who has an email address but there maybe family members who want to become club members who do not have an email address.  While the system expects an email address for each member, it does not require that it is a valid, working address - only that it looks like one!
Let's say that the bundle administrator has an email address srccbiker@gmail.com and he has a daughter Julie who has no email address but wants to join.  He can create the address srccbiker+julie@gmail.com and register her as a member using that address.  We suggest using this format since it guarantees that there is no one else using the address and also it might just work an a real email address.  Gmail and some other email systems will deliver an email addressed this way to srccbiker@gmail.com.  No guarantees.

Member Only Events.    Some club events, typically those that involve expense to the club are for members only.   These events normally require attendees to be pre-registered - and registrations will only be accepted from registrants whose email addresses are known to the system.  Being a member of a family which has a membership is not enough - to be a member your email address must also be registered with the system. 

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