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 Thanks for signing up with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club. We think that Sonoma County is just about the best place in the world to ride a bike and we look forward to you joining us.

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Changes are being planned to Family and Recurring memberships.  See note below
Membership Signup The Club is affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists which provides our insurance. One of the conditions of that insurance is that all members agree that they have read, understand and agree to a Waiver of Liability. You must also agree to the web site's Terms of Use.

Types of Membership:

    Individual Membership:  This is single membership for one person for 1, 2 or 3 years.  The cost is $20 per year.

    Family Membership:  The person registering can name up to five family members for 1, 2 or 3 years.  The cost is $20 per year.

Membership Cards:  Membership cards are provided to each member and family member and are mailed on the 1st and 16 of each month.  Membership cards are honored for a discount at several area bike stores.  


Changes are Planned to Family and Recurring Memberships Family Memberships:

We have been looking at ways of improving how Family Memberships work on the SRCC web site. 

At present a Family Membership has a primary contact with an option to add up to five additional family members.  While the listed members are full club members, they do not have login privileges at the web site and cannot register for member-only events but must come as a guest of their primary member.

We are planning a change will give Family members the ability to :
  • Login to the web site,
  • Register for Member-Only events,
  • Access Member-Only portions of the web site,
  • Receive all club correspondence. 
We'll use a group membership feature of the system called "Bundles".  This group registration feature allows the Family Manager to add up to five family members to the group.  The manager is also responsible for renewing the family membership.

We plan to make this change to all 390 family memberships on the weekend of May 16. 

Also, the Board has approved a small increase to the cost of a Family membership from $25 per year to $30. This change will not take effect until the family membership is renewed.

Recurring Memberships:

Recurring Memberships automatically renew each year at the end of a membership period. While this is a convenience to the members who use it, it is complicated to administer and subject to frequent failures.  As a result, we've decided to stop offering Recurring Memberships.  Existing Recurring memberships will be converted to 1 Year Individual or 1 Year Family memberships as part of the change to Family Memberships over the weekend of May 16, 2015 


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